If there’s anywhere in the world where we feel safe, it’s in our own home. For this reason, at Liberty Seguros, we believe that it’s you who should make all the decisions on how to protect it.

LIBERTYHOGAR will provide you with a full range of home insurance policies, which you can personalise and complete with multiple options. What is more; because there’s nobody better than you who can decide on what your home needs, you can now take out the best policy that you see fit, choosing from three different options.

Besides, if you are already a customers of Liberty Seguros, you will be offered a special price that will be maintained for the total duration of the policy.

Protect your home with the most important basic coverages, plus a complimentary protection coverage for landlords.


Weather phenomena

Broken water pipe damage

Civil liability

Home assistance

IT assistance

Legal defence

Repair assistance service

One step further in the protection of your home: all of the basic coverage options together with further coverage to help you feel even safer, inside your home and outside of it too.

Aesthetic damage to the building as well as its content, up to 3.000 €

Breakage of Perspex furniture

Broken windows, glass ceramic hobs and glass in electrical appliances

Refrigerated goods

Garden reconstruction and garden furniture

Mugging in the street

For all those who prefer to feel 100% safe, premium protection will cover all possibilities, since it includes all of the above plus the following:

Excess water consumption due to burst water pipes

Solar panel glass breakage

Total building collapse

Accidental spillages of liquids other than water

Personalise the plus and premium policies with these optional coverages.

Full accidental cover

Extension for valuable items

Inclusion within the civil liability coverage of dangerous animals